The Nanette Phenomenon

Okay, we need to talk about Nanette.

No, maybe we don’t. Maybe I just need to talk about it.

A little.

I’ve watched it twice. The first time I was stunned silent. Awestruck, really. I watched it Saturday; took all of Sunday to process it, including lost sleep time Sunday night. Then on Monday morning I wanted to watch it again to catch the things I might have missed the first time. I have not ruled out watching it a third time.

This is just the trailer. The Netflix special is a little over an hour long. It is definitely worth your time. Four days ago it was described as a “word-of-mouth phenomenon.” Four days ago I would have agreed. Now I would drop the qualifier and simply call it a phenomenon.

I hope you will watch it at least once, all the way through, even past the hard parts.

— Mercy

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  1. Sheena says:

    I agree. This special is a PHENOMENON. It is one of the most incredible, life-changing hours of television I’ve ever watched and I think everyone needs to see it.

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    1. Renaissance Heart says:

      Amen. A thousand amens.

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  2. mishedup says:

    I have a list of ideas to write about, because i am trying to write again.
    Nanette is on the list.
    and it’s so hard to write about because the experience is so somatic, if you will. i mean to the bones.
    a straight-up phenomenon.
    life changing.
    I’ve watched it twice myself, although much further apart.
    I know i’ll watch it again.

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    1. Renaissance Heart says:

      Yes, so hard to write about it. I may need to learn more language—better language—before I can add anything to the conversation that isn’t just gushing. I feel peeled.


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