The Nope Files–Weekend Edition

All curated from Pinterest.

All pretty and well-meaning but all bullshit time-and-life wasters.


Nope. Strength grows during rest.

When you keep going anyway you build endurance.



Nope on all counts. Great is completely dependent upon comparison. If you want to be greater, stop the comparison. Notice how great, greater, greatest becomes irrelevant without comparison.

Besides, greatness makes most sense when it applies to naps.



Nope. If you don’t look back you won’t know the difference.



Nope. Being at peace is the ultimate position of peace.


Nope. I hope your life is full of statements which begin “I can” and specifically, “I can believe.”  I also hope after you do something you can believe you did it.

I really hope you don’t end pseudo-inspirational statements with ” , “.



Nope. Create them. Allow them.

You’ll need some structure. You will benefit from some boundaries.

When faced with the alternative you’ll probably wish for some limitations and you’ll probably be grateful for them.



Nope. A strong woman rests when she needs to rest. It’s the only way to maintain strength. Denying ourselves rest isn’t courageous. It is stubborn and stupid.

But I will acknowledge wearing a skintight fried egg bodysuit is pretty courageous.



Nope. There is no such thing as raised right unless you are a barn.

And a person’s manners, respect, and treatment of others are not necessarily learned from the people who raised him or her.

Sometimes these things exist in spite of how one was raised.



Nope. Learning doesn’t ruin anything except illusion.



Nope. Much love to the First Lady, but ALL minds discuss all these things.



No no no nope. Nothing turns you into a person you’re not. This is not possible. You can only be the person you are at any given time, with your wounds.

Hear me, please. You can pretend all you want but you can only BE who you are




Three strikes. You have full permission to doubt yourself. There is much to learn from examining our doubt. Instead of working hard trying to make something happen, work with your doubt. You’d be surprised what you can allow to happen without force.



Just be kind. Humility will take care of itself if you are kind.

Just be kind. The rest will naturally align.



Nope. Real queens have staff for that.

And finding fault with someone else’s crown is awfully petty for a real queen,

don’t you think?


— Mercy

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