Not To Rush You, But Get On This

You guys. My frags? Check out the frag from my September planner page:

These frags are from Danielle LaPorte’s Desire Map planner. I buy one every year. Comes in daily, monthly, or undated styles. Doubles as a journal. These sell out every year. For real. They launch the summer before the New Year and they are GONE before winter holidays.

These fragments you find littered all over this blog are the perfed corners of the planner pages. This particular tiny piece of paper has amped my enthusiasm for September so I am paying it forward with a hint that if you want one of these planners (and I highly recommend them) they just launched. Yep, the 2019s just dropped and they will sell out.

My loves, before you freak, they are worth the price tag. The one time I didn’t spend the money I regretted it all year long. No joke, my writing suffered big time that year. I learned my lesson. No skimping when this book of pages serves me and my practice so well. I cheerfully pay what it costs. This year they just happen to come with a handful of extra downloads and a year of online stuff from Danielle; first time she’s done this.

A calendar, really? That big a deal, Mercy? Really. Big ass deal. And it’s more than a calendar. It is one of my wellness tools. Soulful, contemplative, provocative. Danielle’s description, “It’s equal parts introspection, life designer, gratitude journal, and scheduler. It’s a holistic system for designing a life that reflects how you most want to feel.”

I’ve already ordered mine. I usually buy the monthly style but this time I went with the daily version because writing a little bit every day makes me especially well. You don’t have to be a writer to benefit from it though. If you want one of these beauties (trust me, you want one) don’t put it off too long or they will be gone. And nope, this not a sponsored or affiliate post. I get no discounts or kickbacks for sharing. This is just a cosmic suggestion. I hope it helps you as much as it continues to help me.

— Mercy

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