Dead Man’s Curve

Midweek run in the blackness. So still and clear you’d never guess a hurricane was coming.

Bronco tried to run me down. Forced me off the road and into a field. Taillights mean and mocking.

Two figures crossed my path half a block away, tethered to smaller creatures. All four glided past, gauzy under the streetlight, silently as ghosts.

No cats, which is not natural. Must have been gone to an early union meeting.

First light in the sky just as I made it back. Another human was just starting out. Crossed to the other side of the road when he glimpsed me coming toward him. He probably didn’t know I was vegan. And runners are chewy anyway.

  • Sept. 1st — Copperhead
  • Sept. 3rd — 26 cents, 5 cats, dude looks like a lady
  • Sept. 5th — I do believe in spooks

— Mercy

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