The Sept Embers

Photo Sep 29, 8 26 55 AM

Well folks, I worked on this post all month. I typically add content to these end-of-month posts a little at a time and then finalize during the last week. For the past three days I’ve been intensively editing and polishing and adding the finishing touches. I saved my work multiple times. Backed it up. Scheduled it to drop on the 30th. It was a good one. Brilliant. Full of all the wellness work I did this month. But through some stroke of internet bad luck, all my work was wiped out Saturday afternoon during the final proofread. All I’ve got left are the pictures. All the text has been deleted. A month’s worth of documentation and three days worth of editing just POOF! gone.

I don’t have the wherewithal to try to recreate in a few hours a post that took 30 days to craft. I’ll just offer you a slideshow of the images and drown my disappointment in another cup of coffee. Sorry, y’all. I’ve tried everything to recover the original post but even the backup is gone. (Sigh.)

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Oh, yeah. There was a video too. I had a fire ceremony in which I wrote down all the shitty things that happened during a really shitty week and burned them in a fire. Said it all far more elegantly in the original post, of course.


My blog ate my homework. You’ll just have to trust me that I worked hard at wellness this month. I tried to show my work, but alas I have naught. May the blog gods be more merciful next month.

Be well,

— Mercy

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