The Bell Tolls For Me

Occupational Wellness–Keep something sparkly on my desk.

Checking in. I am still here and all is well. I’ve been working on a special writing project. I am only quiet here because I’m devoting my energy to writing for a speaking engagement. I want it all written well before I attempt to speak it well. I feel like I never say anything as well as I write it but I’ve got enough time to practice.

What I’m reading (non-fiction):  When God Was A Woman

What I’m reading (fiction):  Hotel Sacher

What I’m watching:  MLB playoffs

What I’m cooking/eating:  Pulled Jackfruit Sandwich from Vegan Richa


That about which I am freaking: News that my stepdaughter is pregnant. Which means I am going to be … you know. Yeah, a g-word. I am going to be grand. A Grand Woman. Mother still doesn’t sound natural in reference to myself, but maybe that will change.

Everyone I have told has asked the same question, “What do you want to be called?” Remember this is the South. There are no grandmothers or grandmas here. There are only baby-talk names. And this poor lucky kid is going to have three grand-women, counting me. I will be the only one who doesn’t speak baby-talk and who does speak with a haughty accent. I figure the other two can keep their traditions alive and I will be the dark horse. He-child or she-child will have a good mix of influences.

Leading baby names right now cannot be shortened into nicknames so I’m voting for both/either.

I still have a few months to think about my own new title. Maybe Queenie.

— Mercy

2 Comments Add yours

  1. mishedup says:

    Queenie is good.
    Or maybe Hazel or Dean need a return to the sass?


    1. Renaissance Heart says:

      I thought about that. But I know someone who does the sass in the same application and I find it unappealing. Not sure why, since I liked it all those years.


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