Ornitho Realty

Extra early mornings this week. And last week. The Chef was offered a new job but wants to finish up all outstanding projects before leaving the old one. Mornings begin with the number four to keep from working late. Yawn.

Those folks who can just roll over and go back to sleep after an early alarm? You’ve heard of them, right? I’m not one of those. Extra early for whomever sleeps in my bed is extra early for me too.

But it is giving me extra time for things like this. And no one is around to see or smell me eat last night’s garlic bread for breakfast. We make it with fresh garlic instead of the powdered stuff. Potent, I tell you.

Today I am looking for stencils to paint a birdhouse. One of my new friends made it for me. She usually paints them according to request but she left mine naked so I could finish it my way. I think a Moroccan style will be my way.

I especially love that she left all the dimples and knots and texture in the wood. That gash there on the front is divine. Knot hole? Worm hole? Beauty mark.

She told me this is the 104th birdhouse she has made to give away. Won’t accept any money for them. Although I didn’t make them by hand, The Mother of the Ugly Doll Movement understands this policy perfectly. When the paint job is complete I will have to get Peaco to help me christen it.

She also said it’s a bluebird house. I’ve never seen any bluebirds around here. Maybe that’s been due to lack of housing. How do I alert the bluebirds of a new house on the market?

Newly listed this week:  104 Wormhole Way

New construction. Minimalist design.

Corner lot in a quiet neighborhood.

Close to schools and day care. Large fenced yard.

Caretaker on site with separate quarters.

All the insects you can hunt and eat, year round.

Savvy seekers could acquire this rustic gem for a song.


A thing is never just a thing when you’re a writer, folks. It is always part of a story.

Be well, friends.

— Mercy

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