The Gratitude Vote

Vote.  Vote.  Vote.

I can’t say it enough. Early voting opened today in Mercyburg. There are 36 other states (and D.C.) which offer early voting. Do it early if you can. Do it absentee if you must. But please do it.  Please vote.

Especially if you are a Woman. Double-especially if you are a Woman of Color. Triple-especially if you are a Transgender Woman, non-binary, or gender fluid. If you are disabled or in recovery. If you are a survivor. If you have children learning from you. All Women, we need you. I need you. We need each other. And even if we didn’t (we do), please consider voting to honor the women who were tortured, beaten, separated from their children, declared hysterically insane, institutionalized, imprisoned, and killed or allowed to die for suggesting they should have our rights. If you have voting rights in this country and you are Female, this is your voting heritage.

If you are not compelled to vote to change the present or to create a different future for the next generation of Women, please consider it for the debt we owe the Women who suffered to give us our choices. The very least we can do is get to the polls and vote in gratitude. The very most we can do is get to the polls and use our vote to advance their legacy, which is also our legacy.

If you are still not compelled, do it for the Women in other countries who are still fighting and dying, who have far fewer rights and too few advocates, who look to Us for hope and courage. Do it because you can.

— Mercy

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