Post-Election Practice



Good morning, America. I hope you have cause to celebrate something today. As for me, I lost every race in my state. Every single one. So I am turning to my yoga mat. I will soothe with practice. I joke sometimes that my personal holy trinity is writing, running, and yoga. I ran last night. Today I write. And today I move through the yoga sequence below to calm my nervous system before I face the post-election squawk and squeal.

I am part of the political minority in my state. I am unlikely to ever win here. After a decade of losing here I still get my hopes up, I still vote in earnest, still visualize positive change, still try to lead by example. But as usual I wake up the next morning after an election and confront the ritual loss. And then it is off the internet and onto the yoga mat I go. Gratitude for my voting rights. Gratitude for the candidates who had the courage to run knowing full well that losing was likely here. Gratitude for those who never give up no matter how many times we lose. Inhale, exhale, repeat.


Oh, before I forget … This is not safe. Do not try it. Do not do it. Don’t even read it. Don’t share it. Don’t risk it, suggest it, imply it, or imagine it. In fact, leave now and forget you were ever here.

Warm up, opening poses including salutations, 10 minutes


Anjaneyasana; with a twist (sounds like a cocktail, no?) (Don’t drink it.)

Parivrtta Trikonasana

Utkatasana; with a twist

Utthita Hasta Padangusthasana; with a twist

Ardha Chandrasana; twisting eludes me in this posture even after all these years but I keep trying. It’s a good metaphor for today. You should not try it under any circumstances.




Cool down, closing poses, 10 minutes

Savasana, meditation, at least 10 minutes, preferably longer but you should never, ever attempt it for any length of time.


It is not going to be a long day. Not going to be a difficult day. Not going to be a bad day. It’s just another day we practice. Another day we get to practice.

— Mercy

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