Resurrection Monday

I’ve been doing some blog maintenance the last few weeks. While I was tidying up I found a whole bunch of these I forgot:

Photo Dec 17, 3 31 08 PM
You know, the vegan thing. Get it?

For a while I was scheduling these to publish every Friday and then I got distracted by something else and forgot. I found them yesterday and decided to resume Friday publications. This is obviously not Friday but it wouldn’t do to refresh your memory without a visual, would it?

I mean, I guess I could say:

Hey, y’all remember the hundred or so snarky answers I wrote to stupid Facebook questions just to confuse Facebook so it would leave me alone about posting content and fail to figure me out? I’m posting those again.

Some of you might not remember because you weren’t around back then. And that’s cool. Now that I’ve done both the visual and the verbal this post is all-inclusive. Except there are no free drinks or buffet. You guys probably wouldn’t want a vegan buffet anyway, am I right?

— Mercy

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