Three Days Of Stink Turned Pink

I got to sneak out for run early this morning. It was the first run I’ve had all week. There’s a crisis in the Mercy household. El Doggo had a medical emergency over the weekend. I came home from playing tennis and found him in distress. On Sunday. On Mother’s Day. There were no emergency vets on call in Mercyburg so I had to rush him to a veterinary hospital about 30 minutes away. He was admitted for emergency surgery lickety-split. Click the link above if you’re interested in the gory details.

He made it through okay. He’s recovering now at home but nursing him has eclipsed all other activities, including exercise, eating, sleeping, and even bathing. I realized this morning I hadn’t bathed in three days. We haven’t cooked a meal in three days. We haven’t done anything routine in three days. I accidentally wore the same pair of pants to work two days in a row. The Chef volunteered to take the morning shift with poor Doggo so I could go for a quick run and shower. They were both heavenly.

On my way home I found this:

She was reclining in the middle of the road. If she was there when I passed her location on my way out I completely overlooked her. I tend to think she arrived while I was out cruising the miles. She must have placed herself in my path where she knew I’d be floating home on much needed endorphins and therefore more likely to notice. On three sides she is relatively unmarred but as you can see she has taken on some damage on her port side. This has not diminished her appeal in the least.

The Internet will tell you her name is Pinkie Pie. More specifically, her given name is Pinkamena Diane Pie. She’s a My Little Pony pony. Her fan site says she’s a magic pony. I guess they are all magic though? Her character’s magic power is laughter. She’s also a baker, singer, and songwriter, and lives with a toothless alligator. I would consider ALL of those things magic for a pony; wouldn’t you?

I was too old for the original My Little Pony toys when they hit the market (long before before the TV show). I recognized her as such only because my stepson was gaga for all things My Little Pony during his teen years. I didn’t understand the attraction at the time but I didn’t interfere and eventually it passed. Haven’t thought about it in years and yet when I encountered this pert pink plastic pixie pet in my path just after dawn on day three of doggy digestive disaster, I laughed quite magically indeed.

I scooped her up and carried her home. El Doggo gave her a lick. I didn’t risk more than a brief introduction since dogs tend to chew things when they are frustrated or bored and he is both right now, but I wanted to share the magic with him. I’ve decided to call her by her middle name, Diane, and be grateful, though I hope there isn’t a tiny tot (or teenage boy) somewhere crying over the loss of her. Just in case, my meditation for the day will be two parts May all our dogs be healthy, healed and whole, and one part May all our tears turn to laughter.

— Mercy

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