Celebration Sweat

Sometimes I find intriguing things while I’m out on a run and I can’t carry them home.

Like the mold growing on this Saint.

Or the ruffles growing on this tree stump.

Or the sofa growing on this curb.

It was a celebration run so I saw the whimsy in everything. My dog got the staples removed from his incision, which means no more Cone of Shame, no more confinement, and no more spoon feedings of canned mush four times a day.

He will still be on light duty (restricted exercise) for a few more weeks but at least he is cage-free and that horrid cone has gone into the recycling bin. We can all return to a normal routine again. And I am not mired in constant worry about him which is as much a relief as all the rest. Even though the Hell Heat is here, complete with the Hell Humidity, it was a delight to be able to go for a run the next morning.

The total cost of emergency veterinary surgery (on the weekend) with an overnight hospital stay, plus prescriptions, the purchase of a new kennel (the existing kennel was puppy-size), and special canned food for 11 days:  $4300.00 and one vacation day. And since I was too exhausted and emotional throughout the entire ordeal to be social, I also declined a friend’s birthday party and other assorted invitations. I didn’t even make it to church or to see the grandcub. But it’s over now. We can rest now. Or go for celebration runs. To make celebration sweat.

Photo May 24, 6 37 40 AM

When folks asked about my plans for the Memorial Day weekend I had the simplest of answers, I’m going to take care of everything that got neglected over the last two weeks. And I’m going to ENJOY it. Hence the celebration run. And the celebration cleaning of toilets. And the celebration yard work. And the celebration laundry. And celebration yoga. Because I get to.

e10a8d9ffd3ac13e7c04ffd13335aa1fAnd the novelty will quickly wear off of that sentiment and soon enough I’ll be bitching that I have to do all the things.  But fresh off of a crisis which eclipses our day-to-day for many days on end it is fun to play this mind game with ourselves. Whoo hoo! I get to mop today!

And bathe without falling asleep! And eat food cooked on the stove and not from the microwave! And drink something besides non-stop coffee! And wear clean underwear! And yes, go running in 100% humidity and think it’s sooo fun.

And notice all the wonders and whimsy which continued to happen and exist while I was preoccupied with my angst and malaise and temporarily shrank the universe down to fit only me and my dog. Remind me of this the next time I’m ass-deep into complaining about something trivial and trite.

— Mercy


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