A Prayer In The Dark

New moon before Samhain. Ritual bath. Sun setting through my bathroom window. Submerged toes touching the last of the light.

Darkness doesn’t come and go. It is always here. It’s the light which moves away and returns. The darkness holds all. Sees all. Knows all. Things not spoken in bright light wait, no matter how long unacknowledged. We cycle into dark mode and find it all still there.

Truth is told in the dark because this is where truth lives. Costumes are worn in the light. Lies are told in the light. Frenzy, performance, distraction; all belong to the light season. Truth endures in the dark. An old friend who knows all your secrets.

The dark time is a chance to embrace all we ignore or in fact deny the rest of the year. The time used well, the light returns to find us renovated and updated. All our aspects unified again. I’m taking advantage of the chance.

Darkness cluttered with all the bullshit I allowed in the light; prepare to be Marie Kondo-ed until I’m back to true essence.

When the light returns may I begin again, more whole, more well, and braver this time. Ever more truthful. More soulful still. Words and deeds simple, sacred, and strong.

— Mercy

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