Ritual Teasing

img_1005Last week of January, which means this will likely be my last post of the month. However, if you’ve been following this blog long enough to remember my Work Release posts, you’re in for a treat. They’re back! I reinstated them for 2020.

I should say, it’ll be a treat providing you liked those Work Release posts. If you did not like them, well … at least they only happen once a month and are easy to skip.

If you’ve never seen them, they are chock full of stuff I work on all month long, so it’s all new content curated over a longer period of time. It’s also curated within specific categories so although they tend to be longer posts, the effect is more like a big plate of small bites. I love them because it’s fun to feel/watch it evolve throughout the month and then come together at the end like magic. All the work I did (or didn’t) over the month’s time gets acknowledged and then released, so there is a sense of done-ness and then freshness every few weeks, as opposed to an endless grind.

I schedule them to publish them on the first of the next month, but temper your expectations, folks. I have been known to be late before. Life happens. Stuff happens. We roll with it; but it is always my intention to publish them on the first of the month or as soon thereafter as possible. You’re four days away from your first one, if you’re a newbie, and four days away from your first one in a long time, if you’re a veteran. I know it’s been a least a year since I did these. Maybe more.

The best months are those in which I start crafting the post at the beginning of each month and work on it a little at a time so it’s ready to go when the calendar runs its allotment of days. Add a little here, edit a little there, let my thoughts develop, leave space for the unexpected, and then tighten it all up to share a few days in advance. The worst were those in which I threw it together half-assed at the end of the month because I didn’t make it a practice, or when I accidentally deleted my draft, couldn’t recover it,  and didn’t have the wherewithal to recreate it all. You just never know how it will go.

Some months are boring. Some are exciting. Some are full of profound insights. Some are full of silly shit not everyone thinks is funny or clever. What will January 2020 be, since I already know and I’m clearly teasing you with it? At the beginning of the month I anticipated calm, because that’s what I thought I needed after the end of 2019. There was calm, but January turned out to be rather buoyant overall. Meet me back here on Saturday to see what I mean.

— Mercy

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