What All People Must Want

Remember last weekend when I found money — paper money — while out on a run? This weekend I found jewelry. The fact that it is intact is more of a miracle than the find itself. Most everything I find on the road is damaged by traffic on the road. This big-ass bling had obviously yet been bashed, smashed, kicked, or crushed so it must have been freshly lost when I encountered it.

If memory serves, this is Cinderella. I hope you folks are aware that Disney did not invent Cinderella despite the licensing of the image on the ring. A secretary (government aide) invented Cinderella. And the story was made in France, not China, despite the claim also shown on the ring.

So this is not just a ring or even a toy. It’s a lie. A pastel plastic lie. I hope it can be recycled, because that’s where this is headed — right into the bin, only I suppose this means it will get recycled into another lie. And then another and another. And folks will buy them — these lies — over and over and over and over again. And tell them to their children so many times it will become scripture:

You must mate. You simply must mate. You must mate.

Above all things, you MUST mate.

You must plan for it, dream about it, yearn for it; you must want this. You must sing about it, dance in circles around it, draw it, paint it, wear it, watch it, repeat it, sleep with with it, play with it, play at it, recreate it, teach it, spend godawful amounts of money on it or alternatively, go into godawful amounts of debt for it.

You simply must mate, and you must constantly reinforce this as your ongoing desire not only for yourself but for everyone else alive. This is what all people must want.

But it’s a lie. In pretty dresses, yes, but still a lie.

You don’t have to do it, kids. You simply don’t have to do it. You are allowed to be alive and occupy this planet and not mate. And you don’t have to want to.

— Mercy

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