Novel Response

Folks, no one is going to let you miss anything. You will be updated against your will. You’ll know when things are worse. You’ll know when things are better. If you have the wherewithal to be reading this, no one is going allow you to remain uninformed. Your watch need not be so vigilant. You can relax.

Read a book made of paper. Read several if you have to. Read aloud if you have to. Allow your nervous system a break; if not because it feels better, then at least because it is critical to immune function. You can stay informed without needing to be engrossed.

Stop talking about it. Stop listening. The situation is updated so continuously that you only need a small amount of news per day to be fully briefed. Don’t keep it running in the background. Turn it off for a while. Change the subject. If no one else will cooperate, change rooms. Go read a book. For real. You can spare the time away from the fixation.

Don’t go stand in line anywhere for anything. There are no shortages of anything. Rest for a while. Read for a while.

All the officials of all the offices are all going to say the same thing. Odds are you already know for whom you are voting, so stop waiting for someone to validate your convictions with a novel response. Ten minutes a day should be plenty of exposure, and when there is breaking news, someone will make sure you get an alert. Step away. Read a book.

Consider the fact there is global effort underway to make sure you do not think about anything else right now. Resist. Think about something else for a while and see what happens. You don’t have avoid updates altogether but you also don’t have to be singularly preoccupied. Take breaks. If you don’t find any value in brief respite from the collective mania you can always go back.

Start with a book.

— Mercy

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  1. Mercy, I think this is the best advice I have read over the past few days. Thankyou:)

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