How The Grinch Comforted A Runner

Items found while running now including this disembodied head which is also missing a mouth. A headpiece of some kind also seems to be broken off and lost and I truly can’t tell if the neck stump is designed that way or also broken. There are also no ears. I found it at the end of a three-miler yesterday. Storm clouds on the horizon. Pandemic in the news.

I think this may be the Grinch but a Grinch with no grinchy sneer? And I know the original Grinch had ears. For the hearing of the noise, noise, noise … remember? And the singing so long as we have hands to clasp. Actually no. I just checked. I must have imagined the ears. So I guess he heard the noise and the voice of Cindy Lou and the singing with some other organ? There does seem to be a large wart stationed between the stern black eyes. See it? Perhaps this is the hearing node.

Or maybe those tentacles around each eye are auditory sensors. I cannot fathom what the eyebrows are during UNDER the eyes though. And upside down. Of all the oddities of this foundling, the upside down fallen eyebrows disturb me the most. If they can fall, why wouldn’t they just fall off? Why flip in descent and reattach somewhere they don’t belong? Is it like clinging to a tree root as you dangle off a cliff? Hold on for dear life and then just decide to grow right there on the upper cheek? Perhaps they can’t go back.

Interesting that the mouth bailed by comparison. It ejected I guess, when the head became separated from the torso. It must have also ended up somewhere else and is now growing where it was planted (landed). Which means the eyebrows may have also leapt from the forehead rather than fallen. Perhaps they only had the wherewithal to flip but had no significant trajectory. Or they were bounced by the eyelids. So many possibilities here.

The longer I look at this more I think it maybe is a message from the Universe. As in,

Yes, Mercy, things are not as they should be. It’s okay. Survival looks different for everyone.

Indeed it does.

— Mercy

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  1. ckinlaw87 says:

    This is soooo innocent and had me looking at it the toy with so many perspectives. I think it’s called a “shopkin” but that one looks just like the grinch for sure. LOL! I only know this because my 6 year old constantly persuaded me to drive my car to Walmart to buy yet another when the endless amounts she has disappears. The eyes are peircing and I think this is how they get the kids. Lol! Anyhoo.. I enjoyed this, I was able to paint in my mind while reading and for that I’m thankful.


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