Beginning Again

Photo May 17, 12 37 22 PM

Why keep doing this? I need to remind myself. 

This is a part of my wellness practice I don’t want to lose–the documentation of ritual, the breaths, the breakthroughs, and the lifestyle that is my wellness practice. People told me (and still tell me) that it inspires them; the raw realness of creating a style of living in the interest of sustaining wellness. When the words are only creative I miss writing about wellness, and vice versa. I miss the almost daily affirmations that wellness is not achieved, it is practiced.

I still feel the need to say those words and I know that sometimes readers still need to hear them. We all still definitely need to be exposed to the realities of the practice — that it almost never looks like the artfully rendered media images and it doesn’t always feel magical. While I’m at it, it still bears repeating that I’m not an expert on anything but me and my Self. May I repeat this often, because wellness is never finished.

You (and I) have to get up every day and choose the work. Or not choose it. Choose the truth. Or not choose it. And be accountable for the choices. I still need to write about this. I still need to support this part of my practice. If it inspires you or someone else, all the better. If not, I trust no harm done.

— Mercy

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