Burning Off The Abracadabra

Items found while running now include a jalapeno. Two actually, which cannot be a coincidence because I found them more than a mile apart in different neighborhoods. The first one I had to kick away quickly lest the pupster snap it up. She tried, as she does with most objects she encounters on the run. Not only did I not want her to get burned by chomping the pepper, but chiles are known to break hexes. I didn’t want her to spoil the magic. I intended to go back and retrieve it after our run but the powers which be put a second one in my path. I was able to snatch it and stow it before the pup spotted it.

If there was a hex upon me (or the dog) it is now broken. I am grateful. I suppose I’ll be able identify the hex by the removal/relief of it, since I wasn’t aware of one before. I won’t eat the pepper, in case you’re wondering. I will keep it until it dries and then burn it, as is proper with a broken hex. But while I’m at it I’ll show you the collection of things I keep finding on and around tennis courts as well. I had no previous plans of showcasing my tennis foundlings as I do my running treasures but now that I’ve collected three of a kind it feels significant enough to acknowledge.

Hair bands, of course, but these little disks are tucked into the strings of tennis racquets to dampen the vibration. They are about the size of a nickel. They are flexy-rubbery-siliconey and weigh next to nothing. I’ve never used one on my racquets before nor purchased any but if you lose one anywhere near a tennis court in Mercyburg I will find it. Or rather, it will find me.

This one is shaped differently but functions exactly the same as the round ones. As I understand it there is no physical benefit to dampening the vibration of racquet strings other than changing the sound they make when the ball strikes them. I think some players use them as fashion accessories. I’ve seen sunflowers, peace signs, and even a Pride flag on dampeners over the past few months.

The oblong dampener is the logo of the Head company. The bright one is obviously a tennis ball but the one with an atomic symbol on it intrigues me. I found a similar one on the internet without much of an explanation other than “adds cool look to racquet.” I suppose it does. I haven’t used any of these foundlings so for now it simply “adds cool look to blog post.”

I’m off to enjoy a hex-free Sunday afternoon. Be well, friends.

— Mercy

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