The Nope Files – A Higher Level Of Grind

It’s been a long break from The Nope Files but this one begged for a Nope. I found it on Instagram. As with all the Nope File anecdotes, this sounds reasonable and good and generates lots of positive reactions. However, there are at least two Nopes here. Almost three.

1. No one gets to tell you what your job is or isn’t. You get to decide this for yourself. And not just while you’re young; at any stage of life.

2. You do NOT owe the world greatness. The greatness you may offer the world is a gift, not a debt.

2 1/2. The author of this quote is “already rich,” with a net worth of $30 million, but his advice is not bullshit like all the other “already rich” people, right? Wealth alone is a poor measure of the veracity of advice. You will get good advice and bad advice from everyone, the passionately rich and passionately poor alike. Every person’s prosperity is in a constant state of flux, as are their perspectives. Bullshit is always relative to perspective.

The point of following your passion is to live a passionate life. That’s all. It is true that there is no need to pressurize the discovery of your passion as “your job.” Your passion will find you. You will know it when it does and it won’t matter if you are “really good” at it or not. It won’t matter if you can get rich with it or achieve greatness because passionate living is not contingent upon those outcomes. Passionate living is not a practice designed to create those outcomes. This doesn’t classify your passion or the pursuit of it as bullshit.

However, financial success/achievement and passionate living are not necessarily mutually exclusive. There are millionaires who will tell you the work was only worth it because it was fueled by their passion. There are also paupers who wouldn’t trade their passionate lives for more money if it meant less fulfillment. One of the benefits of passionate living is that it reframes and often redefines wealth and greatness. More importantly, it reframes freedom from the endless pressure to maintain wealth or greatness. The fine print on getting rich is that you must stay rich, whether you’re doing it passionately or not. Same with greatness. It’s just a higher level of grind.

In the meantime, all bullshit expectations about your job as a young person are a form of marketing. Marketing is monetized manipulation.

At every opportunity, resist marketing.

— Mercy

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