The Temple Of You

I did not sustain my momentum from July. This did not prevent good things from happening, however. Firstly, my discovery of nourishment as a form of worship. Secondly, my pleasure heals the world. Yes, I meant to say that. This banana feeds the brain which will affect your brain with these words. These 100 calories of holy fruit magic fuel a conduit from God as Me to God as You and it could just as easily be the same in reverse (often is). Feeding ourselves — making sure we are well fed — is an active of devotion. It is worship. Every good thing we have to offer the world is bolstered by how well we feed ourselves because optimizing our biology facilitates the best delivery of our divinity.

Being well fed enables our ability to receive and understand. It certainly fuels our output but consider that it is also critical to receiving input. In the same way our brain function is compromised when we are sleep-deprived it is compromised when we are deprived of adequate nourishment. The way we feel on any given day is heavily affected by the quality of the previous week’s sleep. So it is with food intake. We aren’t simply eating for today. We are eating for all the days. For all the ways we offer our magic and art and respective talents. We will devote discipline to give the world the gift of ourselves well rested yet neglect the gift of ourselves well fed.

Not only is it hard to receive in zombie mode, it is hard to convert/create in zombie mode. Hard to convert those divine downloads into divine offerings; we are made of energy, after all. Without superb nourishment we have no energy for beauty, brilliance, discovery, joy, healing; pretty much nothing but survival. After days upon days of running ourselves low we wonder why life feels so empty. We are not nourishing the mechanism by which we experience beauty, brilliance, joy, etc. and therefore no one is experiencing those things through us. This is why it requires not only discipline but devotion. Discipline is when we have to. Devotion is when we want to, and I want to feel good.

As an emanation of the Divine, every act which supports the flow of our divinity is a form of worship. Rest is worship. Nourishment is worship. Exercise is worship. All forms of self-care are worship. Meeting my needs and desires is worship. If I am here to facilitate the free, robust, sacred flow of the Divine through me, every thing I do to create and sustain the energy which ignites my pleasure is devotional to that purpose. My pleasure heals the world, as does yours. Your joy, ecstasy, and delight nourishes the world because it activates and releases that divine energy. Wellness amplifies pleasure. Pleasure soothes and inspires. When we bring ourselves delight we bring forth what the world needs.

To become a super-cell of magic, healing, joy, and serenity, practice those things which stoke your desire and ignite your pleasure. Feed yourself so you’ll have the fuel necessary and rest so you can carry on. Each gesture of logistical support becomes your worship of this flow. And if this sounds ridiculous, consider what you offer the world when you feel like shit. Seriously now, when you’re exhausted and depleted of nourishment and hydration, feeling like utter shit, what are you giving and receiving? Probably not magic, healing, joy, and serenity. If drinking some water and feeding myself makes the difference, I’m sure as hell not worshipping at the Church of Things That Make Me Feel Like Shit. Not when water and carbohydrates are available. And naps. And human touch. And music. And jewelry. And documentaries.

You may have to practice saying it until your brain believes it. You are God moving on Earth in human form. Your pleasure heals the world. You’re not eating or sleeping for today but for all the days. The world needs the gift of You rested. The world needs the gift of You well fed. Everything which supports Your magic, art, wisdom, and expertise is worship. Caring for Your needs is worship. And it is never, ever too late. Divinity is not measured out. It is simply released, brought forth, or activated without being diminished by the constraints of a timeline. Practice worshipping at the Temple of You.

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