Party Pooper

Well, it is over. They are over; the holidays. I broke character this year and made a strong effort to complain less and be more flexible. I tried to actually enjoy it all. You noticed. I did stuff. I participated. I let shit go. I was less Scroogey McScroogepants than usual. But in the end…

The Sept Embers

Well folks, I worked on this post all month. I typically add content to these end-of-month posts a little at a time and then finalize during the last week. For the past three days I’ve been intensively editing and polishing and adding the finishing touches. I saved my work multiple times. Backed it up. Scheduled…

August Real and Raw

August is finished (whoohoo!) Time to show our work. I am trying not to rush but ooooooh, how I love the end of summer. It hangs on too long here in Mercyburg; sometimes well into October. It does no good to get too excited just because the calendar thinks summer is over. I’ve been burned…

July Work Release–Appropriately Scaled

I thought I’d make an attempt at a Work Release post since this is the last day of the month. I didn’t keep good notes this month though. Maybe I could try to think of one wellness practice from the month and start there? Sometimes it only takes a baby step to get things moving….


Been hanging on to this one for a while now. Time to clear it. Never managed a full post but you remember the joke, right? I am not going to manage a work release post in my usual way. May is gone. I didn’t get it done. A highlight reel takes the entire month to…

April; Week Four

The end of April brings me to the end of weekly Work Release posts. This was an experiment. Now that I’ve seen it through for the full month I am definitely going back to monthly posts. I discovered that if I show my work every week I don’t make time to write about anything else….

April; Week Three

Another week of wellness. Time to show my work. Time to show you the treasures I found while out on a run. This week it is treasure singular. Singular treasure. The Chef says this is a practice golf ball. No. This is a sphere used in fairy festivals featuring athletic games and exhibitions of skill….

April; Week Two

Spiritual & Emotional Wellness I confess I meditated in a traditional sense very little this week. But by the week’s end I had a long car trip and the drone of a treadmill for silent contemplation. I would need them and copious amounts of deep breaths to summon compassion and tolerance amid a cacophony of…

April; Week One

I’m going to try showing my work weekly instead of waiting for one giant release at the end of the month. It may not last but I’m feeling the need to tweak this practice. The first week of April has passed with wellness high and mighty because I worked at it. It doesn’t just happen….

March Maxim

When I was elementary school I was taught the maxim, March comes in like a lion and goes out like a lamb.┬áIt doesn’t. This still lingers in my memory though, like so many childhood lessons I was taught that turned out to be untrue. March must resent this untruth, which is no doubt why she…

Overdue And Undone

March has come. February is gone. Time to show my work. A day late is indicative of the kind of month February was. I don’t think there was a single day I got everything done. Everything feels overdue and somewhat undone. But this is a practice and not a performance. Intellectual and Creative Wellness There…

January Work Release

January concludes; time to show our wellness work for the month. I keeping typing our as if this is a group exercise. Obviously it’s just me, unless I have readers out there participating on the stealth. Time to show my work. This is how I practiced wellness in January: Physical Wellness I work with vegetables….