Wellness Today–Been So Far

Come on, people. Who would want to be less informed? Less educated? Less experienced? Who would want to be less knowledgeable or less skilled than she is now? — Mercy

Hysterical Head, Bisexual Hair

Imagine you have long hair. Girl or boy, doesn’t matter. Long hair, no bangs. Boys and girls alike wear their hair this way. Imagine that by May the daily temperatures where you live are already above 90 degrees. You try to wear a ponytail. Or a bun. Or a man-bun. Or tuck it up in…

Scary Once

Like fearing outcomes we already know. — Mercy

Rather Direct

Direct would be a better choice of words here. But someone else wrote these questions. The sun moves into Aquarius today. Editing the script feels natural. — Mercy

Picky Is A Practice

I opened up my blog reader today to check out the Monday morning articles from my subscription list. Among them, 40 Ways To Live A Full Life.  I’ve written about these clutter crap articles before. I say again unto you, pick one, not 40. Read one, not the whole 40. I say again unto bloggers,…

Wellness Today–Whisper and Wail

Here we are. A month of my new job has passed. I’m still not finding more than one time per week to get a post published. That’s perfectly okay. No pushing. No resisting. Let it be. Let it flow. I make myself little notes throughout the week; ideas, thoughts, seeds that may sprout into full…

Wellness Today–The Shameless Subtleties

I write about the large movements, the sweeping gestures, the overarching practices. But then there are the more subtle practices. The smaller movements, the undertones, understated but powerful in their support. It’s the way good lighting can make or break a room. Chair height can make or break a work space. Expression or tone of…

A Combo Meal–All Nuggets

This is one of those times when I don’t have a lot to say about any one thing but a little to say about a few things. It may look like a longish post but I’ve got only a few short sentences to share on each topic. It’s like foul fowl nuggets on a dollar…

Wellness Today–GVE Side Effects

Happy Friday, friends and foes. Hell of a week it’s been. I’m not going rehash all the mucky details but my day job was a wall-to-wall drama fest this week. Whew. It’s over now. Resolved. Put to bed. Dust settled. I survived. I spent the better part of the morning Cope Cleaning my office. That’s…

Wellness Today–Fun Sunday

Write about a kiss that changed everything.   Write about a pet dragon.   Write about the sun setting on the water.   Write about the color green.   Write about a vintage car.   Write about a thunderstorm. — Mercy