Wellness Today–Peaco Hashes That Tag

Monday’s prompt: #NEWRELEASE   Tuesday’s prompt: Write about your worst hello and your favorite goodbye.     Wednesday’s prompt: What was your favorite memoir and why did you like it?      — Mercy    

Wellness Today–Moody Monday 

Sunday’s prompt: Write about the woman he wishes he’d married.     Saturday’s prompt: When she named the cat, __________, she was …     Friday’s prompt: Write about a chance encounter.   — Mercy    

Wellness Today–Singular Sensation

 Thursday’s prompt: #ThursdayThoughts   When we are offered 50 ways to do something, 33 places, 25 tips, 17 reasons, 8 brilliant hacks, 5 new ideas… Just pick one. Without digesting the entire list. Without analyzing or overloading our choice. Just land on one, absorb the one, and go with it. I advise myself not to…

Wellness Today–Damascus Not On The Agenda

Sunday’s prompt: Write about your protagonist’s road-to-Damascus moment.     Monday’s prompt: Write about the blank pages of history.     Tuesday’s prompt: Write about the relationship between hypocrisy and stupidity.      Wednesday’s prompt: Write about a friendly warning and an unavoidable enemy.   — Mercy

Wellness Today–Bad For Business

Thursday’s prompt: Write the opening paragraphs of a story using these words:  October, telephone, vodka, sunburnt, Henrietta.    Nope. Peaco does not comply. Instead he gives you a word made of the first letters of all those other words. It’s a term used to described the tired brain syndrome unique to office workers on Friday…

Wellness Today–Farewell DD

For closet fans of DD, I regret to inform you that he’s gone. He was the Dammit Doll of a co-worker. The co-worker resigned, taking DD with him. My sincerest hope is that DD falls from his cardboard box somewhere along the journey and thereby becomes liberated from his destined beatings. Maybe he’ll be found…

Wellness Today–Wiley Weekend

Friday’s prompt: Write about witty remarks and smart-ass comebacks.     Saturday’s prompt: Would you do it all over again?   Sunday’s prompt: Where will your protagonist be 10 years after the end of the story?      — Mercy

Wellness Today–Welcome Back Peaco

Friday’s prompt: The giant has fallen.     Saturday’s prompt: What will you live and die for?    Sunday’s prompt: Write about the rebellion in the Ice Lands.   — Mercy

Wellness Today–All Doodles

I’ve fallen so far behind on the dailies that it feels unfair to burden Peaco with the scramble to get caught up. He’ll be back in action tomorrow. For today, at least a week’s worth of prompts answered sans doll celebrities. May 25th: Describe your year in four words. Friday’s prompt: Write about the cost…

Wellness Today–DD Makes A Plea

Monday’s prompt: If you could choose to be somebody else for a day, who would it be and why?    Because this is DD, my coworker’s Dammit Doll.  He just wants be loved, y’all.   Tuesday’s prompt: Write about what worried him most.     Wednesday’s prompt: Write about reaching a goal.   — Mercy

Wellness Today–Insourcing

Thursday’s prompt: Write about the last leader of the free world.      Friday’s prompt: What is the best way to end a book?      Saturday’s prompt: Find a world map. Close your eyes and point to a place. Where is it?  Sunday’s prompt: Name your sources. — Mercy

Wellness Today–DD Makes A Friend

Tuesday’s prompt: Write about a walk in the woods.     Monday’s prompt: Write about being stuck in another timeline.     Wednesday’s prompt: Write about the way people treat your antagonist.   — Mercy