A Combo Meal–All Nuggets

This is one of those times when I don’t have a lot to say about any one thing but a little to say about a few things. It may look like a longish post but I’ve got only a few short sentences to share on each topic. It’s like foul fowl nuggets on a dollar…

Wellness Today–GVE Side Effects

Happy Friday, friends and foes. Hell of a week it’s been. I’m not going rehash all the mucky details but my day job was a wall-to-wall drama fest this week. Whew. It’s over now. Resolved. Put to bed. Dust settled. I survived. I spent the better part of the morning Cope Cleaning my office. That’s…

Wellness Today–Fun Sunday

Write about a kiss that changed everything.   Write about a pet dragon.   Write about the sun setting on the water.   Write about the color green.   Write about a vintage car.   Write about a thunderstorm. — Mercy

Wellness Today–Almost Out of Ketchup

Saturday’s prompt: Write about a city going through a drought.     Friday’s prompt: Whenever she wanted to give up, she remembered…     Sunday’s prompt: Chomping At The Bit     — Mercy

Wellness Today–Extra Ketchup

Peaco and I are still so far behind that I can’t remember which prompt was supposed to apply to which day. We are clearly working them out of order. We warned you when we started this thing that we probably wouldn’t follow the rules. July 9th: Write a story that starts with a character following…

Wellness Today–The Animals Have One Less Menace

Check it out — blogging two days in a row. I just finished watching the documentary What The Health. I found it on Netflix but there do seem to be some other viewing options at the main film site. I couldn’t, in good conscience, call myself a wellness enthusiast and not watch it. After watching…

Wellness Today–Instead of Fireworks

Saturday’s prompt: Write about a book that changed your life.     Friday’s prompt: Democracy     Sunday’s prompt: You have been kidnapped. Your only hope is the main character in the last book you read. What are your chances of surviving?     Thursday’s prompt: Completely Numb — Mercy

Wellness Today–Peaco Hashes That Tag

Monday’s prompt: #NEWRELEASE   Tuesday’s prompt: Write about your worst hello and your favorite goodbye.     Wednesday’s prompt: What was your favorite memoir and why did you like it?      — Mercy    

Wellness Today–Moody Monday 

Sunday’s prompt: Write about the woman he wishes he’d married.     Saturday’s prompt: When she named the cat, __________, she was …     Friday’s prompt: Write about a chance encounter.   — Mercy    

Wellness Today–Singular Sensation

 Thursday’s prompt: #ThursdayThoughts   When we are offered 50 ways to do something, 33 places, 25 tips, 17 reasons, 8 brilliant hacks, 5 new ideas… Just pick one. Without digesting the entire list. Without analyzing or overloading our choice. Just land on one, absorb the one, and go with it. I advise myself not to…

Wellness Today–Damascus Not On The Agenda

Sunday’s prompt: Write about your protagonist’s road-to-Damascus moment.     Monday’s prompt: Write about the blank pages of history.     Tuesday’s prompt: Write about the relationship between hypocrisy and stupidity.      Wednesday’s prompt: Write about a friendly warning and an unavoidable enemy.   — Mercy

Wellness Today–Bad For Business

Thursday’s prompt: Write the opening paragraphs of a story using these words:  October, telephone, vodka, sunburnt, Henrietta.    Nope. Peaco does not comply. Instead he gives you a word made of the first letters of all those other words. It’s a term used to described the tired brain syndrome unique to office workers on Friday…