Blue Ribbon Maternity

Ignoring, of course, the implication that I couldn’t or can’t give my mother an award. What do you mean “If I could?” Posthumous awards are given all the time, which irks me. As do honorary degrees and giving someone a lifetime achievement award too early in a lifetime. Although I admit it might be hard…

Structural Wellness

If I had written the question it would read willing to admit is … Or I’m willing to admit the guilty pleasure of … Not even sorry. Not a bit. — Mercy

No Pressure

But since I can’t there’s no pressure to decide which one to make. First time a can’t is also a win. Rock on. — Mercy

Resurrection Monday

I’ve been doing some blog maintenance the last few weeks. While I was tidying up I found a whole bunch of these I forgot: For a while I was scheduling these to publish every Friday and then I got distracted by something else and forgot. I found them yesterday and decided to resume Friday publications….

Retiring The Blade

I have not ceased blogging. See? I’m doing it right now. I have another speaking gig coming up. Just like last time, as soon as I committed to a date to speak all creative juice got diverted to my speech. But I’ve got the bulk of the speech outlined now. I have the rest of…

Stock Footage

I thought I’d check in on the resolutions. We’ve accumulated enough New Year to have broken one or two resolutions by now, right? Yeah, but it’s a practice. A practice. Not a performance. To refresh your memory I resolved to stop yammering on about three things in casual conversation:  the weather (as small talk or…

Not To Rush You, But Get On This

You guys. My frags? Check out the frag from my September planner page: These frags are from Danielle LaPorte’s Desire Map planner. I buy one every year. Comes in daily, monthly, or undated styles. Doubles as a journal. These sell out every year. For real. They launch the summer before the New Year and they…