Yield Is Actually Seven Syllables

Sometimes I feel like I need to hammer out a post in a certain category just because I haven’t written actively in that category for a while. Yoga, for example. But one of the coolest things about yoga is that all wellness-related living is yoga. You’ve surely heard or read by now there are eight…

Yoga Sins

Just hanging out, appropriating some culture. Mostly because my culture can’t come up with anything better than yoga. So far we’ve got binge-ing, perpetual upgrading, arguing about Love, arguing about God, deifying beauty, and competitive breeding. As a cultural icon once said, when you know better you do better. Yoga is better. All my culture…

Niyama On A String

Dear friends, readers, world at large, Stop trying to meditate. Give up. It begins. I’ll explain. The Chef gave me a Just Because gift last week. You know, such as when one might receive flowers without a designated occasion or associated holiday but rather “just because.” I received Just Because dragonflies. It’s a solar mobile….

Bending The Boilerplate

I wasn’t sure I’d keep going with these frags of the days but I just discovered this morning some of them are double-sided. Some have the crossed key and arrow symbol but some have another word. That means I’m further behind than I thought. And since I’m enjoying it, why not streak on? This was…

Wishes Granted, Without A Wand

Deep breath. (You take one too.) There’s really no way other way to say it. I’ve reached a crossroads. I want to write about an experience from yesterday that I cannot explain in terms that will be received as rational. Once I do this I will have crossed over into what I call Writing Neverland….