Wellness Today–Wiley Weekend

Friday’s prompt: Write about witty remarks and smart-ass comebacks.     Saturday’s prompt: Would you do it all over again?   Sunday’s prompt: Where will your protagonist be 10 years after the end of the story?      — Mercy

The Here And Now

I have decided to discontinue my Exonerate The Year posts. It’s been six months now. I’ve made my point. Since the first half of 2017 has made all of 2016 pale by comparison, it’s time to move on and deal with what is rather than what was. This week. This year. Although the week isn’t…

Wellness Today–Variety Pack

Thursday’s prompt: Whose face haunts your antagonist?      Wednesday’s prompt: Write about the people your protagonist loves more than life itself.     Tuesday’s prompt: Whose story is it anyway?   Monday’s prompt: Write about the members of the feminist fight club.     — Mercy        

Weekend Wellness Workshop

Maintain relationships with quality time √ Reverse points of view √ Meditate √ Read √ Write √ Yoga √ Create physical comforts at rest √ Hydrate with rain √ Practice devotional adornment √ Absorb the sensations of the natural world √ Seek wisdom within √ Share truth discovered √ Bring the calm √ — Mercy

Wellness Today–Welcome Back Peaco

Friday’s prompt: The giant has fallen.     Saturday’s prompt: What will you live and die for?    Sunday’s prompt: Write about the rebellion in the Ice Lands.   — Mercy

A Year Ago This Week–Week Twenty-Three

Continuing the weekly arguments that 2016 was not all bad, I’ve created a series of posts designed to exonerate the year. This is the twenty-third installment in that series. A year ago this week I decided to stop calling my self-portraits selfies. I was plowing through a year-long endeavor with a name that didn’t jive…

Wellness Today–All Doodles

I’ve fallen so far behind on the dailies that it feels unfair to burden Peaco with the scramble to get caught up. He’ll be back in action tomorrow. For today, at least a week’s worth of prompts answered sans doll celebrities. May 25th: Describe your year in four words. Friday’s prompt: Write about the cost…

May Work Release

Okay, wellness enthusiasts, let us be accountable. May is finished. It’s time to show our work. Occupational/Financial Wellness The Spending Fast continues with purchases for essentials only. Essentials this month included a ladder, spackle, sandpaper, and paint to repair my kitchen ceiling. Intense sunlight through a nearby door caused some cracking and peeling. Or as…

A Year Ago This Week–Week Twenty-Two

Continuing the weekly arguments that 2016 was not all bad, I’ve created a series of posts designed to exonerate the year. This is the twenty-second installment in that series. A year ago this week I started the day job I’m working now. I say day job because I still consider my primary occupation to be…

What To Wear While Riding Dragons

Today I decided to play with a head wrap. I paired it with a long flowy dress and cardigan. I thought it was fabulous and sassy. I wore it to work. It does not violate the company dress code. The very first person I encountered at the office asked me if I was Muslim. I’m…

Wellness Today–DD Makes A Plea

Monday’s prompt: If you could choose to be somebody else for a day, who would it be and why?    Because this is DD, my coworker’s Dammit Doll.  He just wants be loved, y’all.   Tuesday’s prompt: Write about what worried him most.     Wednesday’s prompt: Write about reaching a goal.   — Mercy

Back Underfoot

I spoke to someone wise and winsome over the weekend. She asked me about my plans. I have no plans. She asked me about my goals. I have no goals. To her credit she didn’t get frustrated with me. She pointed out that I have certain gifts. I agreed. She asked me how I would like…