Plant Based Post–Day Six

Before we get to the GVE, a reader asked me fess up about the no shave business. My statements that no one has noticed are hard for some folks to believe. So here’s a photo to show how hard it is to see any offending leg hairs from a reasonable distance. The photo was taken…

Wellness Today–Almost Out of Ketchup

Saturday’s prompt: Write about a city going through a drought.     Friday’s prompt: Whenever she wanted to give up, she remembered…     Sunday’s prompt: Chomping At The Bit     — Mercy

Wellness Today–Extra Ketchup

Peaco and I are still so far behind that I can’t remember which prompt was supposed to apply to which day. We are clearly working them out of order. We warned you when we started this thing that we probably wouldn’t follow the rules. July 9th: Write a story that starts with a character following…

Plant Based Post–Day 3

I skipped Day Two because it wasn’t much different than Day One. I did go out and get an almond milk/coconut milk blend for coffee and oatmeal but otherwise I’m still living off the food already in my kitchen. While I was shopping I took a look at all the vegan versions of animal products…

Plant Based Post–Day One

It’s Day One of the Grand Vegan Experiment, henceforth known as the GVE. I didn’t have to wait long for the sales pitch. The pitch arrived in my first support email. An offer to buy a book and an online course. But first, let’s talk about the important part — the food. I didn’t prep…

Wellness Today–The Animals Have One Less Menace

Check it out — blogging two days in a row. I just finished watching the documentary What The Health. I found it on Netflix but there do seem to be some other viewing options at the main film site. I couldn’t, in good conscience, call myself a wellness enthusiast and not watch it. After watching…

Eighty Percent Yield

I was closing in on ten days without a post so I decided to check in and get my fingers moving again; not to mention the flow of words. All is well. Independence Day in the middle of the week threw me out of my usual orbit, that’s all. With each day away it felt…

Wellness Today–Instead of Fireworks

Saturday’s prompt: Write about a book that changed your life.     Friday’s prompt: Democracy     Sunday’s prompt: You have been kidnapped. Your only hope is the main character in the last book you read. What are your chances of surviving?     Thursday’s prompt: Completely Numb — Mercy

June Work Release–A Penny For Your Identity

It’s time to show our work for the month of June. It was a weird month here in Mercyburg. June seemed to be all about things I stopped doing in favor of my wellness, as opposed to new things begun or attempted. I stopped wearing this outfit. Sounds unremarkable, I know. It snowballed into another…

Wellness Today–Peaco Hashes That Tag

Monday’s prompt: #NEWRELEASE   Tuesday’s prompt: Write about your worst hello and your favorite goodbye.     Wednesday’s prompt: What was your favorite memoir and why did you like it?¬†     — Mercy    

I Suck At This Because I Can

Two weeks ago I got to report that I returned to hiking after many moons of healing the terminal knee injury. That was a big deal. Brace yourselves. I have more news. I did a little running this weekend. It was just a smidge and completely unplanned. It was a shuffle, at best. Easy. Gentle….

Wellness Today–Moody Monday¬†

Sunday’s prompt: Write about the woman he wishes he’d married.     Saturday’s prompt: When she named the cat, __________, she was …     Friday’s prompt: Write about a chance encounter.   — Mercy