Harsh Language For A Harsh Reality

Every time you discuss my appearance you violate me. The fact that you can see my body doesn’t make my body public domain. Has no one ever told you this? I used to believe the opposite; that I had to submit to public criticism and public feedback about my body simply because it was visible…

In Relation To The Cub

He is here; the earthling who made me a grandmother at 47. He arrived yesterday. He arrived hungry.  All is well with all involved. Everyone keeps giving me congratulations but I didn’t do anything (other than stay married). I feel the same odd reaction when people compliment my eyes or some other feature of born-this-way….

Great Work But You Suck

Last week one of my bosses hauled me into a meeting to discuss my behavior, which is a problem. Or rather, my lack of behavior is a problem. I don’t talk enough. I don’t socialize enough. I take work too seriously. When I got home from work that evening I discovered a package from my…

Love Without Asterisks

Today I am struggling with the version of self-love in which a woman posts a photo of herself in a bikini with a long caption claiming fierce love for her image IN SPITE of x, y, z. And x, y, z, is always provided. These are the reasons her body looks this way: pregnancies, surgeries,…

Helen and Herb, A Cautionary Tale

Helen is a woman working in an office with a male supervisor named Herb. When Helen’s supervisor comes near her, he moans. Herb does this any time he is walking directly behind Helen or whenever he passes her desk. He lets out an obvious moan. Sometimes it is more a grunt. He stares and grunts…

Structural Wellness

If I had written the question it would read willing to admit is … Or I’m willing to admit the guilty pleasure of … Not even sorry. Not a bit. — Mercy


Yoga + osmosis. Yosmosis. I guess it could also be Yogmosis or Yomosis. I didn’t make it up. I just sent two words on a blind date and it was a love connection. Yosmosis is what you’ll hear yoga teachers call working at our edge. Or working with our edge. The edge is the point…

No Pressure

But since I can’t there’s no pressure to decide which one to make. First time a can’t is also a win. Rock on. — Mercy

Night-Blooming Roses

Let me love you. With a pillow fort. Two blankets. Too big for the bed. Just enough light to skim your imagination. But not so much you can’t fall asleep. You’ll doze and wake and each time you do you’ll hear the traffic and be grateful none of it is you. You’ll know the full…

Shut Up And Cut

A blogger I like just published a post called Work Like You’re Driving. Work like you’re driving. Single-tasking. A single task at a time. As if what you’re doing is vitally important. Critically important. Which tasks are critically important? Heart surgery = single task. Brain surgery = single task. Landing an airplane = single task….